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The idea of this substack is to take one through the whole gamut of the US monetary policy, Fed actions and the concepts pertaining to the economy from the views of monetary policymaking. The articles should work together, with each describing a particular concept or issue, so if there are references to other things not elaborated in one article, do check the other titles to see whether they have been covered before.

I try to discuss each subject comprehensively, with each article structured in, what I hope, a logical way. The theories are from what I have studied during my degrees in both quantitative finance and economics as well as what I’ve learnt over the years, hopefully assimilating the wisdom of both academia and finance practitioners.

Having said that, unconventional monetary policy is relatively new in the span of our central banking history and the thinking about it deserves several revisions as we try to grapple with its mechanisms, lags, short-term and long-term effects, as well as its full implication.

The spelling is British as I spent the better part of my schooling in the UK. I did try and stick to spelling labour without a ‘u’ for searchability but couldn’t quite form the habit. As this is a hobby, the substack would not be updated frequently.

The whole purpose of this substack is for me to share my current passion with everyone and thus will remain free forever but do subscribe anyway, so that I know there is at least one person reading it. Nothing here should be considered as investment advice and I hope you enjoy my writing.

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